Wednesday, November 4, 2015

10 Places to Donate Leftover Halloween Candy

Halloween has come and gone. Maybe the trick-or-treat crowd was low in your neighborhood this year and you have an unexpected bounty of treats that you don’t want hanging around the house.

Or maybe your own little ghosts and goblins hit the motherlode and came home with far more treats than your entire family can or want to consume in the weeks to come.

Whether edible or non-edible, and whatever the reason, if you have Halloween treats hanging around the house that you would love to share with others, here are some ideas for sharing the wealth.

Donate Leftover Halloween Treats To:

  • Nursing homes, assisted living centers, or senior centers

  • Community or neighborhood centers (especially those with afterschool programs)

  • Homeless shelters

  • Local food pantries
  • Churches or organizations that provide free meals
  • Your nearest V.A. Hospital
  • Domestic Abuse Shelters or local YWCA
  • Reverse trick-or-treat: fill small gift bags with left-over candy, attach a thank you note and deliver them to police and fire stations, local National Guard armories, or anywhere
  • Look for programs that send leftover Halloween candy to U.S. troops overseas. Often these programs are sponsored by local dentists.  Simple do a web search using the terms “donate Halloween candy troops” and your city’s name. Or…

Too many sweet treat may not be good for any one child or family.  But small amounts distributed among a large group such as those at nursing homes, homeless shelters, or U.S. troops can lift individual spirits.

So once the costumes have been put away, and the jack-o-lanterns thrown on the leaf pile, have fun with reverse Trick-or-Treating and spread the sweet wealth. 

Question: Have you done something creative with leftover sweets and treats from Halloweens past?  We’d love to hear more ideas. Please leave a comment below. 

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