Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tooting My Own Horn: Interviews avec Moi!

I’ve had the pleasure recently to be interviewed by two book promotion sites. 

The first was early in January.  Frank Hall interviewed Mary Joy and me for his blog Hydra Publications about writing our mystery novel On the Road to Death’s Door.  (An explanation about the photo: no we are not a gay couple and that was not our wedding--not legal in Wisconsin. We were at my daughter’s wedding.  We desperately need to get some promotional photos taken.)  But the interview was fun.  I especially liked talking about what we learned from writing our book.  The url is: 

The second interview was for the Indie Exchange, a website managed by Donna Brown which promotes indie writers (writers who publish their work independently, not writers from Indiana).   

One of Donna’s questions caused me to reflect on how I manage my writing day (not well, at this point in time; I’m easily distracted by fun stuff like this blog).  The url for the Indie Exchange Interview is:  I will be returning the favor soon and interviewing Donna for these pages.  

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