Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Stephen Colbert Interviews Maurice Sendak

OMG! OMG! OMG!  Did you catch Stephen Colbert’s interview with Maurice Sendak? 

Spoiler alert: Where The Wild Things Are is not what you think it is…according to Sendak. 

And Sendak is not what you might think he is.  

But…what a wonderful old curmudgeon! A gay old curmudgeon, by his own admission. 

He had some not very nice things to say about a particular current politician.  And he accused Colbert of being “a man of little imagination.” 

If you are someone who needs to believe in the innocence of childhood as portrayed by books like Where the Wild Things Are…then, yeah…don’t watch the video. 

And I’m not even going to get into what Colbert did to In the Night Kitchen. Except to say that his copy is now filled with conspicuous little holes, and he has a plastic baggy full of tallywackers.

But…if you like a surprise, and can accept people as they are, and you delight in curmudgeons – even those who had a hand in buildilng the foundations of your (or your child’s) literary life – then check out the interview.  Here’s the link:

                     * * Stephen Colbert's Interview with Maurice Sendak * *

                   * * Pt. 2 of Stephen Colbert's Interiew with Maurice Sendak * * 

                              * *   Uncensored - Maurice Sendak Tribute   * *  

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[Image: "Where The Wild Things Are" graffiti, in Kelsey-Woodlawn, Saskatoon, SK, Canada by Scott Woods-Fehr]

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