Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Guest Blogging for Kindle Mystery Blog

One of the fun things about blogging, I’m discovering, is networking with and getting to know other bloggers.  This week I had the opportunity to write a “guest blog” for J.P. Hansen’s Kindle Mystery Blog. 

Titled, “Research Brings Mystery Writing Alive,” my guest piece focuses on the variety of experiences Mary Joy and I had while doing our research for our book On the Road to Death’s Door up in Door County and elsewhere.  As I said in the blog spot, I love research.  You can learn so many interesting things and meet so many interesting people.  And it’s turning out that my new adventure with blogging and getting to know other bloggers is also helping me to learn interesting new things and meet interesting new people. 

For instance, J. P. Hansen is an author and a freelance editor.  His book, The Vanilla Lawyer inthe Mayhem Blues, takes place against a backdrop of corporate greed, race relations, and politics in the music business.   J.P. also enjoys writing poetry.  In between writing gigs, J.P. pays the bills by working as an editor. He works with a variety of businesses, non-profits, and charities, as well as writers and publishers. 

My thanks to J.P. for giving me the opportunity to contribute my voice to his blog. (I’ll be asking him to return the favor in the near future).  Please take a hop on over to the Kindle Mystery Blog to check out my writing there.

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